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Lindy is the mother of two spoilt cats, Pearl Phyllis and Miss Puss. I knit, cross stitch, drink wine, read detective novels and pluck weeds from my garden.

Monday, January 01, 2007

The final photo of 2006 and knitting plans for 2007

this is my final photo for 2006,
taken at David's new years eve party,
yes, we were singing 'show tunes' around the piano
yes, that's David leading the singing.

this is the usual scene when I sit and knit,
two sleeping kitties to my left!

I thought that I'd share my knitting aims for 2007
# knit as many birthday gifts as possible,
there are currently two broken rib scarves on the needles for a January and a February birthday.
# use yarn from my stash,
but if I need to buy yarn, that's OK.
# finish the 3 lace weight wraps that are currently on the needles,
all 3 are for me.
# enjoy the knitting and try new yarns,
such as "Shokay Yak Down".

Now I'm going to be a Domestic Goddess and do the laundry,
which will provide buckets of water for the parched garden.

Happy New Year to all.


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