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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Tea Swap 4

here is my swap parcel from Courtney, just collected form the post office.
I remebered to take my camera, It's a shame I forgot to also take scissors.
Yes, I had a parcel of treats and no way to get into it, I now have a pair of scissors in the glove box for emergencies!

Yay, the parcel is open

A gorgeous assortment of my fave things,
Yummy yarn, new teas to try, biscuits to enjoy with the tea, gorgeous cards and hand made soap.
The soap was used this morning and is lovely.

The yummy yarns up close.
I'm thinking the three will be combined into a lace wrap/scarf.
At the moment I'm just happy to fondle and enjoy them.

While I've preparing this post, i've been enjoying "Egyptian Licorice Mint" tea in my fave mug.
The tea is refreshing and I might just have another cup!

Thank-you Courtney, you have sent me a gorgeous assortment of all the things that I love.
Your kindness and generosity is much appreciated.
I'm so glad that you are also enjoying your parcel of goodies.

Also. thanks to Suzy for a great swap.
I'm already looking forward to next years swap.


  • At 2:07 AM, Blogger Chris said…

    What fun goodies! I like your favorite mug. :)


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